• Execution of high impact consumer promotions

• Planning & execution of individual / group media FAMs

• Development of press kits, press releases, newsletters, public service announcements, appointment notices and fact sheets

• Execution of VIP press events and product launches

• Present media buy opportunities that provide positive return on investment

• Develop media strategies and unique pitches to generate positive publicity

• Crisis management counsel and key messaging on a situational basis

• Secure top media placement in print, online, TV and radio

• Act as brand representative fielding all media requests

• Develop and maintain strong media relations with journalist and key media outlets



  • Sales presentations to all relevant channels of business

  • Product workshops, seminars and webinars

  • Trade shows and consumer events

  • Recommend and implement familiarization trips for various consumer market segments

  • Explore coop promotional opportunities 

  • Develop and conduct a schedule of sales calls

  • Explore and present promotional opportunities and activities

  • Conduct monthly presentations for specified groups, clubs and associations

  • Create newsletters for each market segment with tailored information

  • Integrating sales activations with public relations activities  

  • Product launches

  • Intermediary training programs

  • Develop Incentives programs




• Engage with social media influencers to develop consumer fan base via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other trending social media platforms

• Develop strategies to effectively convert non paying followers into revenue-generating customers

• Social media integration to generate buzz and conversation around surrounding products and services

• Develop and maintain blogger relations with key influencers

• Post content that keep followers engaged and interested

• Develop interactive contests and promotions using social media platforms to generate followers and new leads


• Development of marketing communication Ads for print and online publications

• Coordinate with publications for free or paid Ad Space

• Identify key markets to promote products and services

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to generate website traffic and identify key words

• Develop effective new strategies for ongoing retention of established customer base

• Strengthen company reputation through continual development of the marketing plan

• Optimize sales performance by identifying growth opportunities in new markets




• Visual design and multimedia creation

• Branding design and strategy

• Print production

• Packaging and structural design

• Multi-language versions of productions 


• Digital product mock-up and photography 

• Digital photography and renderings

• Digital and mobile development

• Pre-media production